‘Cheaters’: Canelo Alvarez condemns racism against his daughter’s equestrian team

Canelo Alvarez was upset when he released his daughter’s racist testimony in the United States (Photo: José Méndez/EFE)

“Damned cheating”, were the words that Saúl “Canelo” Alvarez expressed through his social networks when publishing his daughter’s testimony Emily Cinnamon. According to the words of the oldest descendant of the best pound in the world, she and the rest of her team Suffered discrimination during the North American Junior Jump Championships in 2021This prevented him from competing on the podium in the equestrian competition.

through their social networksEmily Alvarez expressed her dissatisfaction with the organizing teamWhere he indicated that the officials of the International Equestrian Federation (International Equestrian Federation) drew various unfair deals against the Mexican national team. A situation that has not been tried with other equipment such as those in Canada and other parts of United State.

At the tournament held in Traverse City, Michigan, United States, The representative of the Mexican youth team managed to win two medals, one bronze and one silver. However, Alizee’s mare has been rejected With three other horses without any justification, their participation in the competition was stopped.

The boxer's daughter has a distinguished equestrian career (Image: Instagram/@canelo)
The boxer’s daughter has a distinguished equestrian career (Image: Instagram/@canelo)

What is more, The team of veterinarians documented the good health of the animal Before the tests began, the authorities’ decision to dismiss her became controversial. Likewise, he noted that “I’ll be the first to knock her out of the competition if she doesn’t feel 100% healthy“.

“We hated the way they treated us, specifically one of my friends. An FEI official and other US cyclists mocked him because he couldn’t speak English I know that they are also disrespectful and racist. We all feel uncomfortable here,” he explained in the text posted by the stories of the account named emilyc.alvarez.

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In part of the text He highlighted the effort put in by many of his team membersSo are the horses and mares that were considered in the competition to make the trip to Michigan. In this sense, he condemned the abuse and Sorry for his performance In competition, in addition to their hard work not considered.

The boxer responded to his daughter's comments on his social networks (Image: Instagram / Canelo)
The boxer responded to his daughter’s comments on his social networks (Image: Instagram / Canelo)

“They made us feel it was a great honor to come to the United States as Latinos. I don’t quite know what racist means, but from what I know today they were totally racist with us. They offended our nation and my country. We all come here to have fun and compete against other countries, but also To have fun and make new friends, but it just doesn’t seem like it,” concluded Emily Alvarez.

The fifteen-year-old has a satisfying career in her specialty, winning many awards and tournaments. In the case of the North American Youth Championship, which is the main equestrian competition in that part of the continent, it was no exception. His first achievement came on Wednesday, August 11th, with a bronze medal with his mare Alizee.

Despite the controversy, Neither the FEI nor any event spokesperson has issued any official statement. Meanwhile, thanks to the controversial decision, Emily Alvarez lost the opportunity to compete this weekend and continue to increase her record of achievement in the competition.

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