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the artificial intelligence (IA) is affected by humans. 1 in 4 companies have already replaced workers with ChatGPT, according to a survey by Resume Builder, an online resume builder.

ChatGPT, a chat system based on an AI language model, was launched on November 30 and reached its stable version in mid-February. Now, despite the fact that Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, has warned that ChatGPT “It should not be used for anything important.”Many companies have been using the software or plan to do so, even if it means laying off workers.

This is evident from a study which was conducted among 1,000 American business leaders.

With the advent of ChatGPT in November 2022, the question of how AI will affect jobs is top of mind for many. This publicly accessible AI-powered chatbot has many capabilities, including the ability to answer questions, create content, write code, and more.explained the reporter from .

How does artificial intelligence replace workers in the United States?

Here are the main findings of a survey of 1,000 American companies :

  • 49% of the companies surveyed are currently using ChatGPT; Another 30% plan to do so.
  • 48% of companies using ChatGPT say it has replaced workers.
  • 25% of companies using ChatGPT indicate that they have saved over $75,000 USD.
  • 93% of existing users say they plan to expand the use of ChatGPT.
  • 90% of business leaders say ChatGPT experience is a useful skill for job seekers.


When asked if ChatGPT will lay off any workers by the end of 2023, 33% of business leaders answered “definitelyat the same time 26% answered “probably.

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With the prevalence of this new technology in the workplace, workers definitely need to think about how it will affect their current job responsibilities.

Stacy Haller, Senior Recruitment Consultant In this regard, indicated that the staff and candidates They should add this skill if it is on their resume, and employers should add it to their list of required skills Or they would prefer if it’s something they expect from the candidates.

Most business leaders like ChatGPT’s work. “55% say the quality of work produced by ChatGPT is “excellent”while 34% said it was “very good”Haller says.

A woman holds her CV in hand to look for work (Image: GETTY)

Why use chat?

According to the survey, this use gives the system:

  • 66% use it to write code.
  • 58% use it for copywriting/content creation.
  • 57% for customer service.
  • 52% for creating meeting summaries or documents.

How does ChatGPT facilitate recruitment?

  • 77% say it helps them write job descriptions
  • 66% write job interview applications.
  • 65% respond to job applicants.

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