ChatGPT and its high global water consumption

Keeping AI servers active makes it a very expensive and energy-intensive technology. (Unsplash)

To keep the servers active chat It requires a high consumption of resources, both energy and water, according to a study by the University of Colorado Riverside and the University of Texas Arlington.

The research sought to measure the environmental impact of these technologies to cool the systems in which they operate, and as a first conclusion they found that a session with chatbot, containing between 20 and 50 questions, is equivalent to consuming a 500ml bottle of water.

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I took the study as a reference for what happens with Microsoft in their data centers United State. There it was found that to keep the cooling system for the servers where GPT-3 is being trained active, the technology behind it ChatGPT, About 700,000 liters of fresh water are consumed.

A figure that could triple “if training is carried out in Asian data centers” of the company.

To measure this consumption, the researchers say that with this amount of water spent, BMW could have built about 370 cars and Tesla about 320.

Keeping AI servers active makes it a very expensive and energy-intensive technology. (Unsplash)
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To put that into figures for users, they found that the chatbot consumes the equivalent of a 500ml water bottle per session of about 20 to 50 questions. VIP, bearing in mind that this day artificial intelligence It has millions of accounts that you use daily.

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Given these numbers, the scientists called attention to the companies responsible for these technologies so that they assume their “social responsibility” and lead “by example by addressing their water footprint.”

However, not only does AI generate high water and energy consumption, but according to Tom Goldstein, a researcher and current professor in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Maryland, it is estimated that keeping these systems’ servers active costs between $100,000 and $100,000. per day and $3 million per month.

Numbers that will grow as AI develops gains more power in everyday activities and more companies adapt to it. Something that led, for example, to Open AI Create a $20 per month subscription plan for users to access premium features of chat

Keeping AI servers active makes it a very expensive and energy-intensive technology. (Unsplash)
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conversations that take place chat It is not completely private, the information that is shared there is essential to the system, as it allows it to improve and learn, which presents a risk to the personal data that is transmitted in the chat.

open ai, responsible company artificial intelligence, stressing that it reviews conversations with users and collects data. Despite the idea of ​​improving its work and ensuring its safety, according to them.

In the privacy policies of artificial intelligence Lists the data collected by the system. Information that, if it fell into malicious hands, would pose a major security problem. This data is:

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– Names.

– contact information.

Account credentials.

– payment information.

Transaction history.

Enter and upload files.

Internet protocol.

Browser type and configuration.

– Date and time of requests.

– Interaction form with OpenAI websites.

– OS.

– Device type.

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