Chargé d’Affairs at the US Embassy, ​​John S. Cramer expedition next July

Mexico City.

After three years in the position, as Chargé d’Affairs at the US Embassy, ​​John S. Cramer will leave the mission next July, and has been replaced by Stephanie Siptak Ramnath, who until 2019 held the position of Chargé d’Affairs at the US Embassy. US Embassy in Singapore.

On Wednesday, the two American officials held a meeting with the head of the North American unit of the Mexican Foreign Ministry, Roberto Velasco.

Hi Stephanie Siptak Ramnath, the new Chargé d’Affairs at the United States Embassy in Mexico. On the instructions of Secretary of State Ebrard, I informed him of the desire of the Government of Mexico to continue working towards a respectful bilateral relationship that would have a positive impact on both countries.

“I also conveyed my gratitude for his work to Minister Counselor John Kramer, who we also wish him a successful trip and success in his future assignments,” he stressed.

John Cramer assumed the position of Chargé d’Affairs in our diplomatic representation on July 17, 2018, two months after the resignation of Ambassador Roberta Jacobson and had to be in charge until August 2019 when Christopher Landau was appointed Ambassador to the country. Donald Trump government.

John Cramer is an official with 33 years of experience in the Foreign Service. Previously, he served as deputy undersecretary of state for Cuba, Mexico, Central America, and Western Hemisphere affairs related to economic policy.

His last message was on July 2, in celebration of the independence of the United States.

Our countries have had a common history, which we have learned to acknowledge, but most importantly, we have learned that we are building our future and prospering together.

“While I have had the great pleasure of living in Mexico, I have been able to enjoy and admire its immense cultural, historical and gastronomic wealth. I have known the warmth of its people and have had the pleasure of working with excellent colleagues from Mexico’s government, local governments, legislators, civil society and the private sector. These experiences, to Besides the values ​​we share, it makes me feel optimistic about the future of our bilateral relationship,” he said at the time.

The appointment of Ken Salazar as the new US ambassador to Mexico is still awaiting confirmation in the US Senate.

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