Changing Microsoft Word and Excel: This is how the new version works

American Giant Microsoft Announced the arrival of a new version of Microsoft Office with the update of the Windows operating system in version 11.

The interface of the operating system and the Office suite that includes programs Microsoft Word and Microsoft exceland Microsoft PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher, and Access They will change forever and will have a new design.

According to Harvard University, the 10 Excel functions that everyone should know

At the moment, Microsoft has not disclosed the cost of the new licenses for the Office 2021 package, but what is known is that You only have to pay once.

From October 5, it will be available to all users permanently and the new Office 2021 package will permanently replace Office 2019.

remarkably The new version will be available for Windows 11 and macOS.

One of the novelties that this new system brings is that In Microsoft Word programs, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher and Access will be able to activate the new dark mode and new functionality will arrive.

Dark mode is coming to Word.

For example, mode Line Focus This allows users to only focus and center the page on the line they are typing in the Word file.

Also, in Excel, Microsoft Added a function called XLOOKUP Which increases the intensity of searching in the data tables.

finally, Another change in Excel is support for dynamic matrix formulas. to this day, Microsoft It only supports these books when both are open. If the source workbook is closed, the linked dynamic array formulas will return an error on refresh.

Excel: The 10 Must-Have Jobs, According to Harvard

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1. Special gluing

The user will need about 10 minutes to complete his learning. The application allows Copy all the information from a selected group of cells and paste the data into other selected cells.

However, you can use an option called Paste Special to paste the information in another way. Paste Special is used to choose which items are copied and which are not. This way you avoid copying unwanted formatting or formatting.

how to use?

When copying what is in the cell (Ctr + C), you must press Ctrl + Alt + V to make a special paste and select what you want to copy. Alt + E + S + V is the command to paste those items. You can also use the dropdown menu and choose the option in the dialog.

2. Enter multiple rows

This learning can be obtained in about two minutes. It’s perfect when needed Add multiple rows to the table, allowing to simplify the task.

How is it implemented?

The keyboard shortcut (Ctrl, Shift, +) is used and the number of rows to add is specified. Then you have to click the right button to insert it.

The Insert Sheet Rows command can also be used, as long as the rows to be added are previously selected.

3. Quick Refill

Learning takes about 30 minutes, depending Harvard. Express Pack or English Express Pack can be used in different situations. it’s about Great time savings when you need to enter or change a lot of data quickly and accurately.

It is a system that allows excel Learn certain things about the work that has been done and identify patterns to complete certain cells. In this way, it is filled out automatically.

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examples? Suggest a full name if you put your first and last name in two different columns, or allow them to be separated if you put them together.

How is it implemented?

You must press Ctrl + E, or go to the “Data” tab and activate “Quick Fill”.

If this option does not appear, you can try “Advanced” and “Automatic Fast Fill”.

4. Indexing and matching

This learning will take about 45 minutes to absorb, according to the Graduate House.

Index and Match are widely used in Excel for complex searches. Separately, they are not very interesting, but when combined, their productivity is appreciated.

Both allow you to extract specific required data and values ​​from large spreadsheets. Thus, they make a tedious and routine task quick and easy.

How is it implemented?

The “index” has two formulas: the array and the reference. first(array; row_num; [núm_columna]) Search.

Meanwhile, “Match(search_value, search_array;[tipo_de_coincidencia]) to find the position of a value in a list.

5. Quick add

Allow, for example, Select the cell at the end of a row or column In just a few seconds.

How do you benefit from it?

Select the cell and click Ctrl + Shift + = to activate the function. Equivalent to “auto collect”. Learning takes two minutes


It allows you to reverse errors or restore what was recently deleted.

How is it implemented?

Ctrl + Y must be pressed to reverse any “bugs” that were previously removed with Ctrl + Z.

7. Remove Duplicates

This learning takes about ten minutes. It is used to remove values ​​that are repeated in any data set in Excel.

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University Harvard Recommended Put what you want to erase on another sheet of paper. This way, the system defaults to the first value that appears in the table.

How is it implemented?

You have to select the table, go to the Data tab in Excel and click Remove Duplicates. The program will ask which column to apply the change to.

8. Freezing panels

This learning takes 15 minutes to absorb. Allows you to freeze rows and columns to compare distant data from other data within the spreadsheet.

How is it used?

You have to choose the part of the spreadsheet you want to freeze and click on the “View” or “View” menu. Then select “Freeze Top Row” and “Freeze Column”, click what you want to freeze.

9. F4

This learning takes ten minutes to absorb. F4 has two functions defined in Excel. On the one hand, it creates an absolute reference, while on the other hand, it repeats the most recent action.

How is it implemented?

Press F4 if you want to do one of these two things. Most of the time it will repeat last verb. Pressing the key while a cell containing a formula is highlighted will provide options for possible references.

10. Ctrl + flechas

This learning will take five minutes to absorb. It is a practical option for large databases. It allows you to get to the last shape in a matter of seconds, without going through the entire table manually.

How is it implemented?

Press the command with Ctrl + Down to get to the end of the document, or scroll through it with the arrows. It also identifies data in seconds and increases productivity.

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