Changes to starting a business in the UK after Brexit

Ltd. 24 ore he is UK company Which provides tax and business advice and wants to teach Spanish financiers what they need to consider setting up a company in that country after it leaves the European Union. Some things have changed in business creation after Brexit.

What is more, This company currently supports more than 500 digital companies in the UK, with the transfer of knowledge and business skills required in the virtual world. In short, the advice provided by Ltd24ore mainly focuses on supporting non-resident entrepreneurs who are currently setting up their businesses in the Anglo-Saxon region.

What are the changes to setting up a business in the UK after Brexit?

Since 1 January 2021, a new phase of deregulation has been implemented in the UK which may favor the formation of companies in the English territory. Thanks to this deregulation process, it will be possible to open businesses with lower tax obligations, start businesses with light bureaucracy and continue to form a UK Limited Liability Company – or LLC – for entrepreneurs who wish to form international companies and improve taxation Your own – quite easily. However, not all is well for entrepreneurs and traders after Brexit. There are people who believe that, with the UK leaving the European Union, the country will have more freedom to implement a tax policy beneficial to companies, which generates an unknown tax. Despite these financial prospects, entrepreneurs are not afraid to invest in new businesses in and around London.

Changes in incorporation of a LTD or LLP company in the UK

A limited or limited company is the most common legal form in business establishments. To form this company, a minimum consolidated share capital of 1 EGP and limited liability for members is currently required. This corporate tool allows by law and consists of one person.

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On the other hand, the legal number of an LLP or LLC is the type of company form preferred by consulting and professional firms. In this type of organisation, no initial capital is required and there must be two partners, be it natural or legal.

With all of the above, Ltd24ore solidifies itself as a tax advisory firm that supports entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs in Spain who want to venture into the world of marketing In the UK, through physical or virtual businesses with significant global impact.

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