Change of government in Haiti Because of the crisis inside …

The Haitian government has submitted its resignation and the country has a new Prime MinisterThe President announced on Wednesday, Juvenil Moyes (picture)Who added that the change aims to address the serious security crisis facing this nation torn by poverty and corruption.

“The resignation of the government, which I accepted, will allow us to address the glaring insecurity problem and continue discussions with the aim of reaching the consensus necessary for the political and institutional stability of our country,” Moise wrote on Twitter. For his part, the outgoing prime minister affirmed, “Tonight, I submitted my resignation to the President of the Republic.” Joseph Goeth.

Jouthe was appointed in March 2020 and has only spent one year in office, in a country where the succession of prime ministers has accelerated in recent times. The new prime minister is Claude JosephSo far, the foreign minister.

The Caribbean nation, the poorest in the Americas, is experiencing a surge of insecurity, particularly kidnappings to extort money and extort money from gangs, which enjoy a high degree of impunity.

Juvenil Moise, amid a strong wave of opposition from the political opposition and a large part of the Haitian population demanding his departure, Thus, it appointed its sixth prime minister during four years of rule.

Abduction and escape

The latest example of drifting in the country, on Sunday, eleven people were kidnapped, including seven religious – five Haitians and two French – near Port-au-Prince. The Catholic Church in Haiti condemned on Monday the authorities’ lack of action after the events. The religious seven are still in the hands of their captors.

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Another sample of The risk of public disorder On the horizon over this small country is the escape of more than 400 detainees in February from a prison on the outskirts of the capital, in which 25 people were killed, including the director of the center.

Claude Joseph replaces Joseph Goeth as Prime Minister, and he is, too Chairman of the Supreme Council of the National Police And he has shown that, in a little more than a year, at the helm of the government, he is unable to cope with the worsening insecurity.

The president, Juvenil Moise, estimates that his term should end on February 7, 2022, while for the opposition and part of civil society, it has already ended on February 7, 2021.

Disagreement due Moyes was elected in an election that was annulled on charges of fraud, and reelected a year later. Without an active parliament, Haiti He plunged into even more crisis during 2020 and the president rules by decree, which has led to a growing distrust in him. In the context of this instability, Moise decided to organize a referendum on the constitution in June, which the opposition denounced as a hoax.

At the end of March, United Nations Security Council claimed Haiti, In a declaration that was unanimously approved, that their electoral preparations are “being made with the aim of A. Free, balanced, transparent and credible presidential elections in 2021“.

Written by the United StatesThe statement also stressed “the urgent need for free, balanced, transparent and credible legislative elections, which have been postponed since October 2019.”

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