Chanel stars in ‘The Squid Game’ in Eurovision’s new Netflix promo

In the end it can not be. Chanel The Spanish delegate came close to winning the Eurovision competition, but finally the Spanish actor took third place in the vote, surpassed only by another representative of this year’s nominees, the United Kingdom and the winner of the competition, Ukraine. still singer He got the best result for Spain since 1995made history as a Spanish actor with the highest marks since its inception, a victory for our country that has not raised its head at the festival for many years.

But beware, because it turns out that Eurovision isn’t the only competition Chanel has faced these days, and it may have fared better in this one. spanish cuban singer Stars in the new promo for Netflix Spainwhich, faithful to what has already become a tradition, brings us parodies of Eurovision full of winks and veils, just as it did in other years with Paquita Salas as the actress of Amaia and Alred, or “television girls”, the first of which is the Eurovision video.

Just before the Eurovision final on Saturday 14 May, the streaming service shared the video, titled “CHANEL was ready to play the game long before EUROVISION,” in which We watch the artist participating in the Squid Game along with other faces of the Spanish song that aspired to represent Spain at the festivalLike Raul, Melody, Csuso-Jones, Sonia (from Sonia and Selena), Marta Sango and Miria, the eternally frustrated candidate. As in the popular Korean series, contestants have to overcome twisted tests and only one can be left standing. The winner will receive a cash prize hidden in a nipple ball (An obvious reference to Rigoberta Bandini’s song, “Any Mama”).

“Over the years, several contestants were left at the gates of Eurovision and only one was ready to pass the game”Netflix says on its Twitter account. Ines Hernand, one of the presenters of the Benidorm Festival, serves as a hook: “The game you want, the game you want”, he told Chanel, mocking its logo. The singer managed to reach the end with Melody, but in the last audition, the representative of Eurovision 2022 defeated the singer of ‘El baile del gorilla’ With his super power: ‘SloMo’, he outsmarts his opponent in slow choreography during the confrontation. She is, (almost) always first, never secondary.

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The video ends with a reference to the controversy surrounding the Benidorm Festival vote, with a cameo for journalist Xavi Martinez and choreographer Myriam Benedet, who have been heavily criticized for favoring Chanel over public favourites, Tanksguerras and Rigoberta Bandini. “It doesn’t matter if there’s no TV, they’ll say on Twitter it’s ridiculous”Blessed says. The hilarious campaign was well received online, as it did nothing but increase visits and likes.

Actress 360

Chanel Terrero is much more than the representative of Eurovision for Spain. In addition to her face as a singer and dancer (she danced in 2010 with Shakira at the MTV Europe Awards), the artist has been in the acting world for over 10 years and her career as an actress hasn’t exactly been a piece of cake. After moving to Madrid, Chanel has participated in successful musicals such as Mamma Mia! and Flashdance, The Bodyguard, and The Lion King.. On the big screen, he was part of the cast of “El rey de La Habana” and “Fuga de cerebros 2”. We have seen it on television in many series.

Among them are “Gym Tony” where he played Deisy, “The secret of Puente Viejo”, “the hairdresser”, “The Continental” and “The Immortal”. Next to, They came to provide castings for the adaptation of ‘West Side Story’ By Spielberg, going to New York to audition for the character of Anita in front of the famous director. Make no mistake, madam and sir, a star is born.

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