Chamber of Commerce joins UIA in requesting profit advance suspension

CAC . arguments

The Cairo Air Port Authority said, “The tax determined by the regulation is further exacerbated by not considering the calculation of losses from previous years or allowing the reduction or cancellation of the additional advance due to the assessment of lower or null results in the current year.”

At the same time, he noted, the agency does not consider “having a capacity to pay taxes, but rather beyond the powers conferred by law on AFIP, because it loses the nature of prepayment of tax that must have been paid for exercise to become a compulsory and unjustified loan.”

“This situation ultimately renders it unconstitutional in the face of violating the principles of taxable capacity, property rights, and unnamed reasonableness required by the national constitution of all tax regulations.”detained.

He explained that to this “we must add that, by the effect of the inflationary process and its present application, it constitutes a use of private resources for the coming years, and a practical adjustment, the legislation on budgetary matters.”

The entity insisted on placing the full adjustment required by the national economy on top of the private sector, in this case by way of a free virtual loan to certain taxpayers that would reduce their ability to produce, invest and provide employment.

The CAC warned that “everything is exacerbated by the unpredictable nature of the amendment, which does not seem to take into account the companies budgeting their activity and the flow of their funds, which have changed dramatically due to the obligation to introduce the additional down payment.” “We request that the decision be suspended,” read the letter signed by CAC President Mario Greenman, and Entity Treasurer, Edgardo Philip.

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Reply AFIP

The head of the Federal Administration of Public Revenue (AFIP), Carlos Castagneto, spoke about the possibility of bringing companies to justice for the advance payment of profits, and the head of the AFIP indicated that they are in talks with the Argentine Industrial Federation and which – which – What is required of this measure is for the state to continue spreading its activities and to continue on this path of growth.”

“The advance is based on the specific tax on profits at 15% or 25% and we calculate that it is approximately $250 billion. It is a boost that we want to give so that the country can continue to carry out its activities and continue on this path of growth‘, detained.

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