CGT opens up possibility of adjusting retirement age: ‘It’s not a bad idea’

The General Confederation of Labor (CGT) Open the possibility of carrying out a amendment retirement agea debate that has resurfaced in recent weeks.

President Union of Civil Servants of the Nation (UPCN) and a senior CGT leader, Andres RodriguezDuring a conversation with AM750.

Andres Rodriguez participated in several meetings with Alberto Fernandez.

agreement with International Monetary Fund (IMF) She promoted many of the discussions that were already taking place in Argentina, among them the possibility of reforming the pension system.

“Extending the retirement age has been under discussion for some time because there are issues to consider: life expectancy has increased and The working capacity of men and women is expanded over timeThe head of state explained.

In this sense, Rodriguez emphasized that “to the extent this is voluntary and there are funds to support it It’s not a bad idea can be discussed.

The amendment to be considered by the government

Although the Minister of Economy, Martin Guzman, Rule out the possibility of a change in the pension systembusiness bag holder, Claudius MoroniConsidering a change in retirement.

Early retirement due to unemployment: government eases benefits requirements

Moroni will look to implement a system “Voluntary extension of working age‘, which would allow those who are of retirement age and want to continue their work. In this case, Women can retire at 65 and men at 70.

However, the president Alberto Fernandez He denied the alleged pension reform during his opening speech in Congress.

Rate Increases, Pension Reform and Inflation: Alberto Fernandez Definitions

In an effort to bring peace to the community, Fernandez asserted: “There will be no pension reformThus, the President noted that “retirement is a right and it must be strictly respected.”

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similarly, The head of state left the door open to the possibility of a voluntary extension When he asserted: “If a person for any reason desires to continue working after he has reached the age prescribed by law, no one should, in principle, force him into retirement.”


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