CFK already has a guest list for the event at Plaza de Mayo | About 300 leaders were called and Alberto Fernandez did not show up

As she refines the last details of Act 25 that will make her the protagonist, Christina Kirchner has rounded out the list of official guests. Comprehensive list Includes the names of about 300 leaders of the Todos FrontThey range from governors, mayors, representatives, and senators to leaders of social movements and unions as well as human rights organizations, such as Grandmothers and Mothers of Plaza de Mayo.

As it happens every time CFK appears in public, around those whom the former president has invited to sit in the front rows, all kinds of political speculations and interpretations are brewing. The same thing happens with absences, and this Thursday will be no exception: President Alberto Fernandez will not be out of the gameAlthough he is publicly invited to take part in the act, it is symptomatic of the distance between the two.

According to reports, the list was closed on Tuesday in the Senate Presidency Office, as a number of key guests had passed away in the past 48 hours, most of them devoted to organizing the event, which indicates the centrality that received the invitation. CFK Agenda. The Vice President personally drew up the final list of guests in her own handwriting.

Except for the president’s idea of ​​the organizers where he was able to meet Page 12is that it exists “All Peronism”The invitations were issued under this idea: the AKP governors, the mayors of the suburbs and the whole country, and the leaders of the major trade unions and social organizations all received the official invitation.

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The central premise is to show the vastness and bombardment of the arena: it is expected to be a syndicate truck driversthe Federal currentthe CTAhe Evita movement And the rest of the grassroots organizations of Peronism are heroes, whether on the street or in the sector reserved for leaders. One of the unknowns in this sense is what will happen to the leadership of the CGT, which still – as of Tuesday night – has not confirmed its existence institutionally.

Evita’s chief reviewers had a meeting on Tuesday in a vice office, in which they also participated Extreme Kirchner. Evita had already said yes on Monday, so here’s what I found The culmination of a rapprochement between the parties had already been built. He was Emilio PersicoNational MP Leonardo GrossoAnd Patricia covered and Mayor of Moreno, Mariel Fernandez.

The vast majority of government officials were also invited. Chief of Staff, Augustine Rossiwho has already announced that he will launch his candidacy for the presidency next Monday, not only confirmed his attendance but also joined the call for the event via social media, through a video in which he recalls his journey with Nestor Kirchner from May 25, 2003. The ministers closest to CFK, such as Tristan Bauer (Culture), Daniel Filmos (Science and Technology), Jorge Taiana (Defense) Obviously, Eduardo “Wado” from Pedro. The same Gabriel Katopodis (public works) and presidential spokesperson, Gabriela Cerruti. The chancellor is one of those we’ll see Santiago Cavero.

Another mystery is whether or not Sergio Massa will give the present, With a possible trip to Paraguay on his agenda. What is certain is that Front restoration Not only is the verb called it will be part of the packing. The main group of leaders of the Masista Plaza will attend: The organizers stress that this is an important political gesture to be seen in relation to the Minister of Economy.

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The person who has already warned that he will not be part of the act is Brazilian Ambassador Daniel Scioli. A bilateral activity in the neighboring country for May 25th, held two months earlier, occupied his entire agenda that day. As it does every year, he commented Tuesday, the embassy will take part in a National Day celebration with roast empanadas, music, and “800 guests.” to the Minister of Social Development, Peace Victoria Toulouseto which it appears that part of his council—whether a prospective deputy or pre-candidate in the county—was sent to him as well.

Despite the fact that CFK has confirmed and reaffirmed that it will not be a candidate, It is expected that the crowd that will gather in the square will insist on his request to reverse his decision, like many of the leaders who participated in the “speaking cry” who will also sit in the front rows. Another speculation is that the deputy leaves a clear definition of the electoral future of the Frente de Todos, something that they exclude for the time being from their environment. Obviously, the entire ruling party will notice what is happening on the stage up and down.

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