CFA announces first Mexican projects to be supported by the UK

The Climate Finance Accelerator Mexico (CFA) announced that it will support ten Innovative local projects low carbon To obtain financing from investors after an invitation to which 35 projects have been applied.

CFA portfolio projects include Waste management, energy, forestry and housing. Some will increase the deployment of rooftop solar panels, while others will support the growth of rooftop solar projects. Capturing carbon from forests in Mexico.

The UK Ambassador to Mexico, John Benjamin, noted in this regard that “Financing climate commitments is key to accelerating the transition to low carbon emissions. The Climate Finance Accelerator is improving the flow of finance in Mexico by providing capacity development support for projects to help Increase your investment opportunities“.

Selected projects You will receive support To develop capabilities in areas such as a mix of financing from public and private sources, the development of financial models, as well as advisory services to contribute to generating Conditions of equality and social inclusion.

The CFA is funded by the UK Government’s Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS). By bringing together stakeholders who can develop and finance climate projects at scale, the CFA will support Mexico’s efforts to meet the priorities identified in its Nationally Determined Contribution under the Paris Agreement.

For her part, IDOM Project Lead, Mariana Silva, emphasized that “the investment we are making in the coming years will direct us toward an inclusive and climate-compatible growth path, otherwise it will ensure a path that is high in carbon . . ., inefficient and unsustainable for decades.”

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In its initial phase, the selected projects received personalized support, which includes an assessment of individual needs and an analysis from a financial and technical perspective; In January 2022 An event will be held for Refine your financial structures This will also allow them to exchange experiences.

Among the list of national projects selected are AILA Energy, COMVIVE, Dynamic Genesis, Energy Factor, The Earth Lab, Emisiones Neutras, Pallet México Bioenergía, Source Global PBC and Top Energy.


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