Cervantino International Festival presents its new poster with the United States as guest

The United States will be the guest country for the 51st International Cervantino Festival, which begins on October 13.

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he Cervantino International Festival Provide his official photo Issue No. 51. The poster will accompany the publishing campaign and the days of the festival’s activities, which will be held starting from From October 13 to 29, 2023.

The artist responsible for the poster is Jessica Paola Ayala Hernandez, a graphic design student at the University of Guanajuato, who explains what her image proposal is:

In my proposal I wanted to highlight the cultural aspects, which are very important to each of the regions that are now the United States. guests of honor. And I began to see American culture. Well, I feel like something is very important to them. For example, her flag, but more than her flag, she is like the pride of her flag. That’s why I tried to incorporate the little stars in there. I depended a lot on the Yaqui people. There is a deer from the deer dance and it was very interesting to me that this city resisted. Conquest yet, because it is still there, it resists and I find it very cool.

The central theme for this year is BiculturalismAnd this is exactly what Jessica portrayed in her work:

If I were to use it as an item. I wanted the poster to be more about them because they also have very strong pride. So they are just like Americans. And that’s why I think it’s like something that unites the two in a certain way.

The artist also states that in addition to the creative process, one of the challenges was documenting Sonora’s towns and customs:

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More than creative, it was more like investigation and later graphic translation. Also depending on the region, the deer dance is different. clothes and how they use the cloth on their heads. Everything changes by region and I wanted to make it as specific as possible. So that it doesn’t look like you grabbed a guy you saw dancing and actually put it on. I mean, I really wanted to investigate them well.

For the third time, Cervantino has extended the invitation to higher education students in Guanajuato to create the image. The call was valid from February 23rd Until March 24, 2023.

Jessica won this year, but rather than recognition, she’d rather have her work speak for her:

And then really there is no name for the business. Because it’s not really like business, it’s more like design. But it’s similar to Cervantino’s use. I won’t have to put a name on it. I did it for them to use it and not for my name to be there.

although Official programs will be announced in the coming monthsit has already been confirmed that Cervantino’s 51st edition guests are state sonorous And United State.

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