Certainty, regional projects and T-MEC, a strategy to attract investment: SHCP

Macroeconomic certainty and regional development projects and Treaty between Mexico, the United States and Canada (T-MEC) are the three pillars that the state must create a favorable climate for investment, as highlighted Chancellor of the ExchequerRogelio Ramírez de la O.

during the forum Nearshoring: Enhancing Investment Opportunities in MexicoOrganized by the Ministry of Finance and Council of the AmericasHe explained that the first pillar is to provide certainty about the macroeconomic policy framework, which includes maintaining the stability of the public debt target at 50 percent of the Gross Domestic Production (Gross domestic product).

The second pillar consists of Open investment opportunities In the country through regional development projects developed especially in the southeast of the country with public investment to create infrastructure, which will then make it possible to attract private investment.

“with the public investment The influx of new investments and more job opportunities and this raises the level of productivity at once. He explained that this development is concentrated in the southeast, but not only in the southeast.”

The official in charge of public finance indicated that the third pillar of investment is USMCA Which was revamped according to the needs identified by the three partners and came into force in its new version in July 2020.


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