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Hanoi Murillo begins this dialogue by showing that beyond her adulthood, experience and maturity she still keeps the girl who played football for hours – as a hobby – in the Plaza de Felipe II in Madrid (Spain).

She then explains that in addition to those real moments, she grew up guided by practicality and a lack of resources that later led her to study a career that would give her an “instant job opportunity.” This is how he chose business management, a profession that, in his opinion, “has a mix” that allowed him to navigate science and letters.

“In business administration, I found a portion of economics and mathematics, as well as communication, marketing, and accounting; and that made me see them as the hybrid that would have given me an excellent preparation for the future.”

After receiving his professional title, he had many opportunities that he could choose “quickly”, because if he always had one thing clear it was his desire to grow in knowledge, being part of the team of various global companies. This is how he started his financial audit at KPMG Spain.

“Instead, I had an intrinsic passion for technology and in search of new possibilities I came to Google. There I gained 12 years of experience in senior management positions focusing on marketing, digital transformation and innovation in Europe, Canada, the United States and Latin America, as well as several projects in the South East Asia “.

Thanks to that experience he penned, he achieved the title of Global Speaker, focusing on exponential technologies and their impact on organizations, digital and cultural transformation, and diversity and inclusion. She asserts that she does not remember the starting point in her role as a speaker, but realizes that she has gone from giving presentations at the university to giving at her workplace and as a guest at several companies. This was, no doubt, turning her into a professional speaker.

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He also finds magic in writing. Each time he can, he explores his style of letters, expresses his thoughts curiously in English, and then takes them to Spanish. In 2019, he released his first book, Six Pack Executive which depicts in a few pages his “walking between executive life and traditional life as a speaker at the event, as an investor, and as someone who never stops learning, has a heavy travel burden and looks after his health”.

His second book, which he began writing four years ago, is expected to be released in late 2021. The title keeps it anonymous.

Hanoi is descended from IBM, where she served as Managing Director of the Digital Transformation and Innovation Practice. At the same time, it has been investing in many companies globally for years, as well as being a partner of the LA7EM business platform in Latin America and Gateway 93, in Silicon Valley.

In all his experiences, he has held important positions, working with financial partners who have traditionally been male, an experience that I enjoy, because staying in a room with people who have different points of view, whether they are men or women, is enrichment. ..

“Sometimes realizing that one is the only woman at a table surrounded by men leads me to look at the possibility of finding an alternative to include more women (…) Personally, I’ve encountered uncomfortable situations, but I didn’t let that affect me.

He adds that there are undoubtedly areas and industries that are still “too masculine,” which he sees with pity, because “companies miss diversity and inclusion of thought that is not only about gender, but also about women. Different women’s experiences and which contribute to different perspectives.”

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