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check the Results The last elections in your area, as well as the electoral department. Share the geographer and demographic, Baruch, via Twitter, the map where you can check out Election results for each municipality from Mexico City.

In order to use the map, you must enter the page

Then search for the mayor’s office for which you want to see the results. Click, and there will appear a file Categorized results as well as votes for each party.


In this way, every citizen will be able to see and analyze the results of the June 6 elections in more detail.

How was the election?

After the election, Morena won 11 of 15 governors, PAN only 2, Citizen Movement 1 and Green Ecologist Party of Mexico 1. It is considered the largest election in history, with 500 federal positions elected and 20 million 311 local. Nature, according to his findings Preliminary Results Program (PREP), On the Mexico CityThe total votes were 3,993,128.

(Photo: PREP screenshot)
(Photo: PREP screenshot)

Where Mayor Gustavo A. Madero got 139,985 votes. with an inclination towards Erica Vanessa del Castillo Ibarra, from Brown woman With 71,949 votes, just over 20% of the preference from before Mauricio Garcia Garcín Alliance PAN, PRI Y PRDWhich got 43,082 votes.

Azcapotzalco with victory Gabriella Georgina Jimenez Godoy, From Green Environment Party, Labor Party and Morena, who got 87,439 out of 201986 votes.

While the mayor of Cautimoc, Arazu Maria de Jesus Rosette Sanchez With 63,524 votes, 44.84% of the total which reached 141.644 votes. The candidate was happy to Green Environment Party, Labor Party and Morena.

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In Miguel Hidalgo, there were a total of 194,854 votes, of which there was a preference Margherita Ester Zavala Gomez del Campo, from the sides Ban, PRI s fart With a total of 109,914 votes, 56.4% are in favour.

Mayor Venustiano Carranza with Lydia Perez Barquinas from Brown woman, with 71,400 votes out of 165,083 votes. 43% are in their favour.

While in Iztacalco, Oscar Eugenio Gutierrez Camacho from Ecologist, Labor and Morena She received 84,307 votes out of 182,644 votes.

In the Someone named Benito Juarez, out of a total of 236,862 votes, a candidate Ban, PRI s PRD, Luis Alberto Mendoza AcevedoHe received 72% of the preference with 170,964.

Likewise, Mayor Álvaro Obregón was elected Xavier Gónzalez Zirion from Ban, PRI s fart, with 50,363 votes out of 173,637.

As well as in Cuajimalpa de Morelos, the candidate for it Ban, PRI s PRD, Jorge Triana TinaShe received 107,944 out of 191,639 votes. 56.32% are in their favour.

(Photo: Infobae)
(Photo: Infobae)

Iztapalapa also held a preference for Ban, PRI s fart, With a total of 69,216 votes in favor of the candidate Marcelino Castaneda Navarrete. 42.37% of 163,337.

while you are distracted by it Brown woman and his filter Maria Guadalupe Chavera de la RosaWhich got 59,314 votes. 43.26% of the total 137,086.

Xóchimilco loaned Tláhuac, leaning towards Brown womanwith the filter Yvonne Morales Miranda flowerWhich got 66,208 votes. 44.37% of the total of 149,210 votes.

In contrast to these, Tlalpan was elected out of a total of 146,807 votes Carla Ayala Villalobos, of matches Ban, PRI s fart. It took 68.232, which is 46.47%.

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Mayor Magdalena Contreras was also in favor of the parties Ban, PRI s fart, your filter Diana Maria Theresa Lara Carrion He took the advantage, receiving 99,573 votes, 53.90% of the total of 184,710 votes.

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