Castelli: “Let us work together, prioritizing development, well-being and quality of life”

Facundo Castelli presented a review of municipal actions during 2021 through the regions and projections for 2022, thus opening the legislative period.

“I am pleased that we are here today, and begin again a new period of regular sessions of this esteemed body. And I do it in two ways, in the first place, in thinking of the value which this act has in institutional terms, since beyond the opening of these sessions the convergence of the republican and democratic values ​​which Our life in society is shaped by it. Secondly, I am also glad that we are meeting again in this place, after two difficult years, where social distancing, as the tool that allowed us to minimize the consequences of the pandemic, has made it impossible to carry out this kind of business,” Castelli said.

In conclusion, he said: “We continue to work resolutely on what we announced at the end of last year, and we are thinking deeply about those responsibilities and roles within the executive authority, for that day, taking advantage of this moment from the beginning of a new legislative period, we announce that, during this month, we will put forward two licensed projects that include the resumption of Restructuring the central board of directors and the decentralized health entity with a new organizational structure.

In addition, he indicated that they will work firmly to modernize the municipal state, by implementing new services and benefits based on new information technology and computing.

“We have goals and challenges ahead, and that is why I invite all members of this esteemed body, officials, municipality staff, health authority and every single resident of the area, to work together, prioritizing development, well-being and quality of life for each and every one of us inhabiting our beloved area.”

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“Last year at the opening of the legislative period, I proposed a wish that I want to remember today again and continue to turn into a reality, that together we have the opportunity and the possibility to chart and project what is to come, to promote local development, to call up and include new sectors, to bring the state closer in order to ensure that all residents have access to High-quality services, all of which will lead to a marked improvement in the quality of life of the residents of the area”, concluded the Mayor, Facundo Castelli

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