Cases have quadrupled in the past four days

While waiting for the official numbers for Dengue cases Which corresponds to the county for this week (you will know on Thursday), Health Minister Jorge Prieto told the press: “In the past four days, the number of cases has quadrupled, which is why it is necessary to remind neighbors of the importance of prevention. This is why he presented this morning, With Minister of Health Sonia Martorano and Secretary of Social and Community Practices at the Ministry of Social Development, Ignacio Martinez Kerez, deception activists against dengue it It will be held daily in different neighborhoods From the city of Santa Fe, to cooperate with the prevention, especially of disease.

In this regard, Curtis said: “The operation is taking place within the framework of the Santa Fe Mas Circa program in coordination with specialists from the Ministry of Health. We started in Sargento Cabral and it is repeated in El Pozo, to continue in María Silva, Alto Verde, and next week in Barranquitas.”

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“The neighborhoods that will be treated will be informed daily, who will have a car presence where a fan with pictures will be seen to inform the presence in the place of volunteers from the Ministry of Health and Social Development, who will take over the delivery of a material explaining how to prevent the disease and basic recommendations such as getting rid of it and suggesting the use of long sleeves and pants. Long hours and light colors at the beginning of the day so that the mosquito does not bite are the main issues that the volunteers will report to the general population.

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Meanwhile, the Minister of Health added: “January to June is the time when cases start and it has to do with temperature, and in this context we are seeing an increase in cases initially related to travel, but today there is already a circulation.” my community..

“What we are doing today is reaching all neighborhoods in the same way we do in the rest of the province. And if some symptoms appear, consult immediately so that you can find a quick diagnosis to be able to work,” he added. They also stressed that it will be reported daily in which neighborhood or neighborhoods the operations will be carried out at the same time that each of the volunteers will receive their aprons and ID, so that the neighbors are safe before they are in place.

For his part, Prieto highlighted some characteristics to consider about the mosquito: “It is found in the morning and in the evening, it takes shelter in dark places and not in the sun, and only in a cap of soda with water can it. It makes what it does thrive.” To multiply it. Females with an average lifespan of 10 days can lay between 200 and 300 eggs every three days, so we must recognize the importance that scraping has today in all homes.”

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