Carmen Barbieri recalls her ordeal with Gisele Rimolo and questions her mental health: ‘She was sure of what she had to offer you’

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End of this week , Gisele Rimolo He regained his freedom from Ezeiza prison and some celebrities came out to talk about their experiences as patients of the woman. He was Carmen Barbieri, who spoke again on the issue in an interview with “In the afternoon” and was enraged by the news of the end of his sentence.

“I took care of her when I was doing Movete (1999) a long time ago when Rímolo was just starting out. Silvio Soldan recommended it to me and I lost 5 kilos. The point is he gave me the pills he gave everyone. I didn’t send them for analysis, I imagined he gave me some pills for my body and for my needs.” Barbieri said, about Former Soldanthrough mobile.

There she explained what prompted her to abandon the weight loss treatment suggested by Rímolo, which today He has a legal muzzle. “They didn’t make me feel pivotal. I’m always loud, and cheerful. I was slower, I woke up in a bad mood and I wasn’t me anymore,” Kapocomic recalled and added, “If someone dies because they wanted to lose weight or because you’re going to get aesthetic, they’ll feel very great pain.”

In that sense, Carmen was pretty tough against her Rímolo who spent nine years in prison She wondered about her mental health: “Perhaps she has problems, I saw that one thinks of a doctor when he is bad and not in his right mind. I was sure of what she was giving you and there were two or three doctors with her and you treated me with confidence. I didn’t want to kill you,” she concluded. I was convinced.” On the other hand, the person who also came to testify was Sylvia Soler, who accused the false doctor of ruining her life And his family.

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