Carlos Tevez turned to a coach in order to help the players and be one of the elite in DT

“Carlos wants to learn to communicate, to lead, to form teams. To set clear goals. He has been an outstanding player and wants to become an outstanding coach.” The phrase corresponds to Roberto Rossi, Fitness Trainer Carlos works with you look In search of perfecting himself in his new assignment as a coach, in this case Center. DT’s idea is to add more knowledge to those gained throughout his extensive career as a player and playing at the highest level. For this he intends to work on a comprehensive project for the player. “The player is like a human being,” the coach added.

“Carlos has been an outstanding player and wants to become a superior coach. He trains by amplifying all areas. In other words, he works meticulously on the approach, in conversations, about how to differentiate the motives of team decisions. How team passion and coaches passion work. There are a lot of situations, adversity and resilience in which Carlos got his teacher’s degree life Through the events he had to live through. “He is number one seeking more training because he is looking for a high competition,” Rossi said in an interview with the digital newspaper Infobae.

The idea of ​​a rogue coach is to have “A player who can be integrated into society. A player who studies even if he trains. Help him stand out in life, because not all football players become elite or highly competitive. It is looking for the integrated development of the player. It also works on various natural skills that can bring him so that tomorrow he can also develop in life and leave a stamp, an imprint, for humane treatment, because sport is also important in society.”

Later, the coach noted that the goal “is to prepare him for life. There is a moment when the player leaves, a very strong situation. He goes from recognition to absolute silence. And in fact There are many cases of depression. Then, in addition to many economic difficulties, the players one would have imagined could be better off economically and are in fact very complex. The vision of Carlos in this is that the footballer has tools to manage life, not only in football, but can acquire other disciplines according to his talent, and guide them in terms of their finances so that they do not fall into this productivity precisely. A system where the first thing they do is buy a supercar and continue to rent, and start working with values.

Rossi realized that when he met Tevez there was a side that surprised him very much. “The first impression was that he was in front of a great person because of his humility.”

“He’s always made a good impression on me like most people. He’s so likable. He’s also a winner because he’s won in Argentina, won in Brazil, won in England, won in Italy, top trophies. He just came out of nowhere and kept up. You see him physically and he seems ready to play. In other words, he talks about discipline. And I met an extraordinary person, very humble, very upright. “I see him as a very straightforward person, very convinced of what he wants and eager to train,” the coach said in words full of praise to the Oriazole driver.

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“He is very focused on being, before being a good footballer, a good human being. This is a challenge that takes time and is living in perpetual demand. More on football. Indeed we are a successful society. We are in a society where if you win two games you are the best and if you lose two you are the worst, not both,” Rossi concluded.

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