Carlos Ruiz praises Rafael Loredo after beating Canada

After Guatemala’s victory over Canada, there were various reactions on social media, highlighting the work of the young players.

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Charles Ruiz You don’t want to miss the chance to pretend after a hard-earned victory Guatemala To advance to the World Cup quarter-finals CONCACAF.

true to form,fishPost a message in Twitter It also highlighted the coach’s performance Rafael Loredo Which was criticized before the start of the tournament.

football teams with savior It has never been and never will be 5 Goals, it has been a defender resource for the press and fans/scientists all who think they know football, it has been around throughout our history. This defeat made them believe and become stronger as a group.

good job Professor Lauridoyou see a team with system, character and character, they always try to come out to play from behind, even if they make mistakes and that’s really growth, because in our football doing that at those ages is unheard of, what you hear from coaches in those categories in development is that they’re throwing it for a long time And all the positions are for the strikers to fix themselves, they only see the midfield going past the head, but in this under-20 team he is clear about its pros and cons, and they understand that the less divided they are, the better they will playRuiz highlighted.

Then he added:Teacher Loredo reminds me a lot of The Teacher Tate GrillPlayers believe in it and that’s important. our end Fedefutthey succeeded with mr. loredo I am not pleased with the meeting, but I encourage him from afar to continue working the way he does. Finally guys under 20s great job and wish you all the best you have made the press and fans bear all their grudges and eat their anger it has always been known that devastating criticism sells more and you have made it become the support“.

finally Ruiz He said: “I highlight the group and encourage them to move forward, Guatemalan football has a very special future if they are taken care of and protected. Being humble and not letting them inflate you with helium, work, work and more work will build trust towards you and the results will support the project. There is no luck in football and no coincidences either, those who have been there know the business behind it. Glory awaits you, keep your strength as a group, only then will you go further“.

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Guatemala will be measured against Mexico And theJune 29 I’m looking for a pass Globalism Indonesia next year.

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