Carlos Melconian asked Martín Guzmán to drop the Chamois and fix the inflation problem

In this regard, the former President of Banco Nación admitted that he, unlike the Minister, “has the advantage of being suspended”, a condition that, in his opinion, does not correspond to the President of the Palacio de Hacienda.

“What will class give me about inflation. Fix it, don’t inflate my balls”, He said in radio remarks, adding that “when you are an implementer of policies, you can get off the line,” but after nearly two years in office, “what would you say inflation is multi-causal?”

Criticizing Guzmán’s position, Melkonian said the minister could go out “once a month to explain to the community what he’s doing, without lying to him.” “Later, if you get results, you will be re-elected. And if not, go home. But leave Chamoyu and lie, for with colored mirrors we have fallen into Beritalandia.”, He expressed.

Melkonian warned that “the problem that the government faces in economic matters is that in activity, inflation, purchasing power, unemployment and poverty rates go to the elections with the worst five indicators for the years 2015, 2017 and 2019”.

He noted that “if ‘the economy, stupid’, as Bill Clinton used to say in the United States, it has five very bad indicators, adding that ‘this is the problem it has in the most disadvantaged places, look for voting with indicators.” Too bad “.

With that panorama, Melconian He wondered about the government’s delay in resolving situations such as renegotiating debt with private creditors – which took eight months of negotiations – as well as delaying the agreement with the International Monetary Fund.

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“If the agreement with the IMF is not delayed by two years, if an agreement was reached before, the money that will now come from the Special Drawing Rights (SDR) can go to something else,” rather than “paying maturities using the fund.”

Along the same lines, he said that if the agreement with bondholders is finalized earlier, “there will be no losses in growth, employment and 1,500 country risk points.” “If I give up in the end, and we run out of bread and cake, and we run out of the supposed benefit of fixing things”, he rose.

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