Carlo Ancelotti: How much money does he have and what he spends on it

What I like the most are the terraces And the way people have fun on the street. There is a great climate and a lot of light in this city. How did you grow up in a city with so much nature, The truth is that I spend a lot of time in El RetiroHis wife, Marianne Barina, said on that first experience of life in Madrid.

To enjoy this good new life, full of little details, whims and luxuries, Marian – Holds an MBA from Thunderbird from a prestigious university in North America and another from Cass, London School of Finance – She will give up her career as a businesswoman In London (they met in a private restaurant). The life that was waiting for him was even more exciting.

Marianne and Carlo are constantly traveling, they stay in exclusive hotels, they visit the best boutiques Italians – it is common to see or find the couple walking along the Golden Mile in Madrid and doing some shopping – have recently been seen in Vatican City Visit or in Venice – Italy, of course, they enjoy it very much.

Having Children in the Mediterranean: Covering Expenses, Supporting Businesses, Working with the Father…

Ancelotti loves family. to the Mediterranean. How is that? Well, support your children – as well as their expenses and adventures – to infinity and beyond. He had with his first wife, recently deceased Louisa Giblin two children: Katya (37 years old) and Davide (31 years old).

The biggest journalist and businesswoman in the fashion world, is based in Liverpool and has just opened – motivated by the coach – a clothing company, discussion clothes from StreetwearComfortable clothes for these moments we live. Her husband, a nutritionist for high-profile football teams, advises Liverpool, also thanks to the influence of his father-in-law.

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