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Minister of Health Carla VizottiI confirm that Argentina “is going through the worst moment of the epidemic” The product of the velocity of the second wave infection, indicated by that “This is the time of greatest danger.” For the health system and has defended the restrictions that will apply until April 30 in the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Region (AMBA), including “Temporary and unusual” suspension Of being in schools.

“The government seeks not to engage in confrontations.”She highlighted the official during a conference in which she assessed the epidemiological situation throughout the country and in it He referred to the decision of the Buenos Aires government not to comply with the ruling of the federal judiciary Until the Supreme Court ruling on the matter. “We need to prioritize health over politics.”He said about her.

He insisted that the national government made the decision to increase restrictions “to reduce social circulation, regardless of individual activity” that was affected and explained that “The rationale we will present in court is the same as DNU says: Giving priority to health and value, in the hierarchy, to collective risk.”.

Likewise, he expressed himself regarding questions regarding hanging lessons face-to-face. This is a temporary and completely unusual thing. This is the nation-state proposal in an attempt to bring greater calm to the population, Not to engage in confrontations or situations that generate more anxiety and anxiety“, pointed out.

With restrictions applied “We do not seek as there are no cases. We know the number of deaths may increase, but we need to reduce the number of infections and get people into intensive careThe official argued.

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In addition, he explained the impact of the situation in the city and in the province of Buenos Aires on the rest of the country: “The increase in cases across the country is on the AMBA account.” In this sense, he said that the continuation or non-continuation of restrictions “are constantly assessed” according to the “result and effect” of the measures in effect since April 9.

On the other hand, Visoti noticed that the second wave effect has great appeal “The health system is in constant tension” Because of the speed of infection. That is why we need to limit the movement of people. He stressed that the goal is not to eliminate the virus but to reduce infections.

The head of the health file was also consulted during the conference The decision of the Buenos Aires government to hand over its stock of 50 respirators to the private health system Then ask the nation to replace this major device for life-threatening patients.

“The state will always respond to every jurisdiction that needs it.” Because, in terms of healthcare, “The one that gives the final answer is the nation state.”He said to show the readiness of his portfolio and avoid a new confrontation with the management of Horacio Rodriguez Larita.

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