CAPS “Fernando Peliche” seeks to expand its services with new professionals

Without a doubt, the Primary Health Care Center “Fernando Bellici” It is a reference space, in health matters, for the population of Rio Gallegos. Since its reopening, at the end of 2020, specialties and services have been added for residents of the capital of Santa Cruz who have no social or prepaid coverage.

In this sense, the holder of CAPS “Peliche”, Dr. Nestor Murray, speak with radio LU12 AM680 He provided details of the response they received from the community about the operation of the place.

When we opened a year ago, we started serving about 1,000 people per month, and today we are around 3,000 people per month. So we understand that we are responding to the people.”

He also commented that the health center located in NS. Kirchner 2364 It is open from 9 am to 6 pm with different services, such as: medical clinic, nutrition, kinesiology, ophthalmology, cardiology, gynecology and dentistry.


On the other hand, Murray noted, the goal now is to “incorporate new specialties” that can provide free care to city dwellers.

“Obviously it’s hard to get professionals. At this time, the two most important specialties where it is difficult for us to find specialists are cardiology and traumatology.The doctor said.

    Dr. Nestor Murray at CAPS Peliche.  (Photo: JOSÉ SILVA / LA OPINIÓN AUSTRAL).
Dr. Nestor Murray at CAPS Peliche. (Photo: JOSÉ SILVA / LA OPINIÓN AUSTRAL).

On the other hand, the head of CAPS indicated that they are also looking for a file ophthalmologist (specialist in conditioning eyeglasses, eyeglasses and contact lenses) to join the Peliche team. “Its function is to give free glasses to the person who does not have social coverageMurray confirmed.

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“Optics worked until 2015, when there was a change of authorities at the national level. There Peliche was closed, it did not work in an orderly manner and at that time they stopped working both in the optical part and in dental mechanics,” he added.

Regarding the latter, the health center has been able to revitalize the prosthetic workshop in recent weeks, so they are betting on hiring an optometrist to revitalize this area as well.

Agreement with PAMI

On the other hand, Murray explained the status of the agreements signed with the Prime Minister bami at the national level, Luana Volnovic, who visited Rio Gallegos and signed agreements with the provincial and municipal government.

Our intention and the goal of the people at PAMI is that the member does not have this waiting list in some specialties and services. It often happens that patients get appointments. “We will pay attention to the specialties that we have,” he said.

In addition, the head of CAPS “Peliche” indicated that there will also be a similar agreement for the subsidiaries of Social Services Fund.

However, the doctor indicated that he is awaiting final permission from Ministry of Health and Environment From the county to be able to sign these agreements, either with retiree social work or with county social work.

“Once we have the mandate to operate as a care center, we will be able to receive members of PAMI and the Social Services Fund,” Murray concluded.

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