Capcom invites you to choose the new version of Resident Evil

And all Resident Evil fans know exactly which one will be the winner in this poll.

Resident Evil 4 remake is the latest title in this franchise.

Capcom is a world-famous company, and they’ve given us great gems over the years, with Street Fighter 6 and Resident Evil 4 as the most recent examples, the latter being what we’re most interested in today. After the disappointing launch of Resident Evil 6, This Japanese company decided to take a new approachwhich brings us two very clear aspects to this saga: one that would complete the main saga, albeit with a new approach, while the new versions of classic titles would begin to be made.

Since then, we’ve received three different releases, which correspond to the second, third, and fourth installments of the franchise. Given this succession, it is natural to think that we will have, in the years to come, A remake of the fifth installment of the franchisebut Capcom seems to be listening to players on the matter, before making a final decision.

What is your dream Resident Evil remake?

We are talking about a survey that you can take this linkin which you ask us about many things, but among them you have caught the attention they want to know If “there are any other Resident Evil games you’d like to see again”suggesting that Capcom seems interested in the community’s opinion of what the next remake will be.

In this sense, we can say that What the community is most looking forward to is a remake of Resident Evil Code Veronicabut taking into account what is the progress of the franchise in this regard, in addition to discovering certain details in the previous game, it is likely that the new version will be the version previously mentioned, that is, Resident Evil 5 .

Resident Evil remake scan

Specifically, this is the question they are asking us about, which is nearing the end of the survey.

For now, given how franchise releases have been presented in recent years, chances are now We should get the default Resident Evil 9Of which some details were leaked and we do not know anything about it, and we do not know anything officially. However, we can say that we hope that Capcom will decide to listen to its community and present the remake that most dream about.

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