Candidates from all took their proposals to UNLPam and promised to conduct negotiations for medicine

Candidates from the Todos Front visited the Presidency Building at the National University of La Pampa, in General Pico. They were greeted by the President of the University, Nelda Veronica Moreno, and the Deans of the House of Graduate Studies.

Attendees included Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Law, Francisco Marol, of Engineering, Hernán Prieto, Vidececana of Humanas, Verónica Zucchini, and Dean of Veterinary Medicine, Sergio Gentile. Mayor General Pico Fernanda Alonso also participated.

“The National University of La Pampa occupies an important place in the project that we are taking to the national convention,” said Senator candidate Daniel “Pale” Bensusan, which was attended by Maria Luz Alonso, Farinha Marin, Ariel Rauschenberger and Melina Delo. .

“We were able to see, with great enthusiasm, the success of the UNLPam trial in the Territory, which gives thousands of young people in our county access to the possibility to study any of the professions in their places of residence. It is truly an initiative that makes a significant contribution to the equity of our employees, because not all families can support financially An investment that means relocating girls and boys or housing them in other locations,” he commented.

Bensusan said our university’s “commitment to resource management” will pass to the National Congress. “National universities have autonomy in managing resources, but more funds should be obtained and made available to the university community, especially when we see a tangible result,” he said.

“We are not talking about good wishes, but thanks to two members of our list, current National Representatives Ariel Rauschenberger and Melina Delo, as well as Representative Hernán Pérez Araujo, the University of Pampian has been able to double its budget from 2021. We have tangible results, in addition to the projects that are part of our proposal,” the candidate also said.

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“Together with the investments made by the provincial government to improve connectivity of Pampean cities, we believe we must support UNLPam initiatives aimed at virtualization. Not only physical proximity, but also bringing university education closer to all La Pampa cities through virtualization.” He added that The experience conducted in General Asha, McCutchen, Rielico and Telen should be an example of what can be done through the joint work of the university, regional and municipal authorities.”

“We are talking about tangible increases in university budgets, for the growth of careers, business and scholarships for students. Today we have those who represent the government that between 2015 and 2019 drained Argentine education. They cut the education budget by 35%. Only universities have suffered during those years all four of a 20% decrease,” he said.

Bensusan and Ariel Rauschengberger agreed to create new jobs. “We must highlight – as Rauschenberger said – the work of the provincial government and the University of La Pampa to advance the creation of health-related careers is a not far horizon in terms of the ambition our university has in careers related to medical sciences. The medical profession can be a reality.”

“It is in our interest to strengthen the public university, especially the National University of La Pampa, from the National Congress,” added the candidate to renew his bank.

We will fight for a bigger budget for our university. We have already made a significant increase, and in 2022 it can be increased even more. This is necessary if you want to add functionality and do more infrastructure work.”

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“We take the proposal to cooperate so that the medical profession becomes a reality, as well as the biomedical profession. Together with the nursing profession, they can turn La Pampa into a center of reference in this sense.”

UNLPam Head of Administration, Nelda Veronica Moreno, considered this type of meeting very useful and fruitful. They were brought up and we were talking about the difficulties and what issues need to be resolved. What are the priorities. We talk about jobs and finance. Some of the alternatives that the pandemic has left us and how we think about equipment and devices and how we think about university for students,” he said.

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