Candi Tinelli said goodbye to Spain with a photo in a mini underwear

Candy Tinelli It is without a doubt The most attention-grabbing daughter of the media Famous conductor “Bailando…”. With a fairly strong personality and a body full of ink, youth It catches a lot of attention Wherever you go as well as in social networks.

These last days, brunette He was in Spain For a walk and also visit his house Her boyfriend, driver Santiago Urrutia, is in Bilbao.

Candy Tinelli

So, a few hours ago, posted one A series of photos on his Instagram to Farewell mode from that beautiful city.

Candy Tinelli from Spain.

In two of the photos, the young woman is posed his sensuality and photographed From the bathroom, in front of the mirror, with short white top and red thong, Captivate with her personality and enormous tattoos.

Candy Tinelli was urgently hospitalized in Spain

a few days ago, Candelaria Tinelli was treated urgently in a Spanish hospital after she noticed a strange allergic reaction on her skin.. The singer alarmed her followers after she posted a series of stories showing her outbreak of the disease on her skin. Fortunately, Lily recovered quickly.

Candi Tinelli had an allergic reaction and had to be admitted to Spain. (capture of Candy Tinelli’s Instagram)

“Active Sensitivity”, synthesized by Marcello Tinelli’s daughter In an Instagram story posted around 8:00 p.m. In the photo you can see his left eye with redness in the eyelid area.

On social media, he continued to share pictures of the outbreak that occurred in the areas of his face and hands. He explained to his fans that it was “just scary”, and added: “Be careful with what you drink, and be careful with it.”

Candi Tinelli’s outbreak was due to a medication prescribed to treat hair loss and hair loss. photo: Candelaria Tinelli/Instagram

After receiving what he described as “urgent attention,” the singer said so What caused the allergic reaction was a medication known as oral minoxidil. This is used to treat alopecia, or hair loss.

Once out of the sanitarium, Lilly shared the photos to reassure his 4.5 million followers. In one of them you can see her smiling while eating an aperitif. On the other hand, in the stories he shared in the last few hours, Tenelli enjoyed an impromptu outdoor picnic with his partner.

Tinelli posted on Instagram the Spanish Hospital identification bracelet. photo: Candelaria Tinelli/Instagram

Currently, the influencer Take advantage of an indefinite stay in Spain with Urrutia, the 27-year-old Uruguayan runner he met while on vacation in his home country. The couple would begin their relationship in February of this year, less than a month after he confirmed his split from singer Coty Sorokin.

Candy Tinelli

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