CanAm Nichols N1A: Reissue of the American Dream

Canadian-American Challenge Cup, commonly known as Can I, was a famous model competition that took place in Canada and the United States between the 1960s and 1980s. right Now, An engineer created his own car inspired by the racing models of that American system. It’s called Nichols N1A.

Many dream of making their own cars, but only a few achieve it. Being an aeronautical engineer and co-developing some of the Formula 1 The fastest in history, such as Ayrton Senna’s McLaren MP4/4 and Alain Prost make things that much easier.

Such is the case of Steve Nichols, an American who worked in Formula 1 until he stopped being Jaguar Racing’s technical director at the end of the 2001 season. Until then he also worked at McLaren, Ferrari and Sauber. That experience accumulated over nearly two decades helped him shape his dream.

CanAm is modern and refined

It’s called the Nichols N1A and it’s the closest thing to a CanAm race car that can be used on the street. Steve Nichols was inspired by the mid-1960s McLaren M1A, In fact, the name Nichols’ car is very similar to the name of the English Competition model.

The Nicholas N1A’s exterior and interior also have a lot to do with the design of the McLaren M1A that competed at Can-AMG until the early 1970s. Steve Nichols gets some licenses to create a more efficient car. Not in vain, it is his great whims and he has strived for perfection.

650 hp for 900 kg

The result is a roofless wild sports car mounted on a carbon fiber and aluminum chassis. The pendants have a modern outline and The person responsible for giving life to the Nicholas N1A is a V8 capable of developing up to 650 horsepower. This block from GM sends all the power to the rear wheels through a six-speed manual gearbox.

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Best of all, this muscle is used to move Scale stop set at 900kg, so the benefits are more than guaranteed. Nichols will also offer customers the option to fit a less powerful engine to their Nichols N1A engine. In this case we are talking about a mechanical V8, as well as General Motors, but with 450 horsepower.

History repeats itself with Nichols N1A

What is not clear is how many units of this monster will be made. “We didn’t start with the intention of going into production,” said Steve Nichols. “It was an idea I talked about with John Minette, CEO of Nichols Cars, a while ago. Ultimately, we thought we might build one and see how it works. Once people saw it, the response was amazing. It is somewhat similar to the original M1A that started the whole McLaren story.. Bruce McLaren built it as a one-off piece for his personal use. So people started asking him if he could produce more! “

This indicates that Nichols will not only manufacture the Nichols N1A, although its production in any case will be very limited. At the end of the day, it’s a very exclusive, handcrafted car.

Certified for Public Roads

“One of the most rewarding aspects of the project,” Nichols adds.It was an opportunity to work with some of the most amazing global experts in Structures and Suspension, based here in the UK, as well as some wonderful colleagues from the McLaren days. “

Regarding its use, The Nichols N1A can be driven both on the track and on the road. We know this because the first unit built had headlights and a license plate. Painting from the United Kingdom. But it shouldn’t be a problem to use it anywhere else in Europe. When it begins to be commercialized at the end of this year we will remove any doubts.

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