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A federal judge granted Saleh’s first temporary suspension Canadian company First Majestic Silver Against the application of part of Mining law what was It was approved in the Congress of the Union last April.

In this way, the company It became the first mining company to get a ruling in its favor against this law that was approved in the fast track by a majority of Morena And its allies, who seek through them to put an end to the privileges of extracting minerals in the country, as well as the exploitation of aquifers for this activity.

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However, First Majestic Plata only filed for provisional protection so that the third paragraph of Transitional Article V of The decree published on May 8 in the Official Gazette of the Federation, which cancels all automatically Requests for exploration and exploitation concessions that were being processed at the time.

That means it does not stop the reform fund promoted by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s party, but rather allows the mining company to continue processing concessions required under the previous legislation.

“The complainant does not request the suspension of any obligation, duty, restriction, or specific measure. Rather, what she seeks through the precautionary measure is that the third paragraph of the Fifth Transitional Article (…) in terms of mining and water concessions, that is, the request for a mining concession which you request shall not be neglected without further ado.” Explained Fourth Circuit judge in administrative matters in Mexico City.

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The judge explained that the temporary suspension granted to the Canadian company would be As long as the franchise does not affect “The social interest and the provisions of public order are not in violation.”

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In the meantime, make an appointment for spin-off hearing on June 7, It will determine whether or not the suspension will be granted permanently. If that is the case, the Mexican government can still appeal the decision to a court.

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