Canada’s prime minister officially announces the end of ‘conversion therapies’

After all the various fights and complications, in December 2021 the Canadian Senate approved the ban “conversion therapies”, who seek to change The sexual orientation or gender identity of a person.

In this context, this law was implemented on Friday, in accordance with the provisions of the penal code, Those who do not comply can get up Five years in prison, even if they obtain the consent of the person.

The law has entered into force

With the support of the Minister of Justice, David Lamette, the law that condemns “conversion therapies”, which prohibits subjecting a person to such practice or advertising or receiving any kind of financial benefit.

Along these lines, this “technique” involves people who are part of the LGBTIQ+ community, in a process in which they receive treatment that includes Verbal, psychological, physical and sexual abuseIt even brings with it medical treatments.

“Today, so-called ‘conversion therapy’ is finally illegal, making the Canadian legislation one of the most advanced in the world,” the group’s president commented on his Twitter account.

“It is a victory for the LGBTQ2 community in Canada and our entire country. We are stronger when everyone is who they are and we love freely without fear.”

“As of today, it’s official”

Through his social networks the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, officially declaring the end of ‘conversion therapies’, because of which so many people have been harmed and hurt.

As of today, it’s official: Conversion therapy is prohibited in Canada. Our government’s legislation has gone into effect, which means that it is now illegal to promote, advertise, profit from, or subjugate this outrageous and harmful practice. “LGBT rights are human rights,” the country’s highest authority said.

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