Canada wants to alleviate the shortage of transport workers with foreign students

Like other countries around the world, Canada faces a severe shortage of truck drivers. But the shortage of manpower also affects the carrier’s other trades. Professionals do not exclude turning to foreign students for certain assignments.

According to RH Trucking Canada and Trm24.frpractically All jobs in the transport company are affected by manpower shortage, From accounting to warehouse and maintenance.

Canada’s Immigration Minister, Sean Fraser, initially sparked controversy by saying that international students could “get jobs” and thus reduce the shortage. “With the economy growing faster than employers can hire, Canada must consider all options to access the skills and workforce needed to support its growth. Immigration will be key to addressing our labor shortage,” he said.

Until the end of the year, foreign students in Canada whose study permit includes a permit to work off-campus may exceed the 20-hour weekly limit on the number of hours they work outside of their educational institution. Thus 500,000 students will be affected.

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