Canada: The University offers scholarships to young Peruvians for undergraduate and postgraduate studies

Canada: Scholarships for Peruvian students.

In order for many young people to achieve their personal and academic development, University of Canada Western (UCW) It provides facilities for young Peruvians to study in Canada, seeking to be able to grow economically and settle down with their families in that country.

The University of Western Canada is one of the leading private institutions in Vancouver. All of our programmes, facilities and our entire environment are connected to the world of business. What makes us special is that we not only focus on the theoretical aspect, but also on practical learning, “ UCW Director stated.

How to get a visa

to live “American Dream” It is supported by SCC Canada, a company that advises and provides facilities to Peruvians who wish to travel to Canada to obtain their visa more easily.

“SCC Canada is an educational consulting firm. This means that it helps people who have studied a profession and want to do a specialty abroad, that is, it helps them to get a visa. The easiest way to get a visa and live in Canada is a student visa. That’s why SCC Canada had no better idea than to partner with University Canada West to recruit postgraduate students faster and train them in a structured way”, says Hilbert Marques, director of the said company.

He also added it Canada offers the facility that, if you have family, they give everyone a visa so that they can travel together. SCC Canada helps you with the requirements you need. The main thing is that you study in Canada, which is why it is done in agreement with the University of Western Canada.”

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What races do you offer

University Canada West specializes in the business world, so it brings you Possibility to obtain a certificate in commerce and commercial communications. Additionally, it has a program called Associate of Arts, its flagship MBA course.

“On the other hand, we have a program called Associate of Arts, which focuses on students who have already finished high school and don’t know very well what they want to study, or who want to enter the world of work more quickly. In total, it lasts for two years and has various approaches such as social justice, psychology, marketing and finance, among others.” UCW director said.

MBA Programs

“Our MBA is the main program of the University of Western Canada. It is of two years duration, in which both theoretical and practical contents are taught. UCW Director, Gabriela de la O. commented.


Their goal is to encourage the integration of Latin American students, which is why they created the “Beca de las Américas”, where these students can access the same prices for each program as their native counterparts.

“This is a valuable benefit, as there are two types of education. On the one hand, there are Canadian students who see part of their education being subsidized by the government. On the other hand, there are foreigners who pay a much higher tariff because they do not deserve this subsidy. However, we at UCW take care of that subsidy. In some cases, we award them a significant scholarship in tuition fees as applicable.”

How do you register?

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Recordings are available on networks Cultural Association of Canada. This agency helps students find out which program best suits their profile, as well as collect relevant documents.

In graduate studies the documents are similar. Since it is a master’s degree, you will need the degree certificates studied, its syllabus in English and a dissertation in the same language as well.

Registration dates

According to the Director of Canada West University, only Latin American students who enrolled in 2022 can receive this scholarship. “We have four dates for registration: January, April, July and October,” added Gabriela de la O.

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