Canada; The Santa Rosalia neighborhood that destroyed nature

On the morning of September 28, Santa Rosalia residents surprised a water barrierbut in Canada district this was not the case the rain Unlike that As well as the rocks pulled by the water from the valley and They destroyed everything in their path.. Roughly two weeks later, the outlook for those still out there doesn’t look very favourable.

It was totally unexpected. They have already gone through a tropical storm and a hurricane, this was not expected. At about two o’clock in the morning it began to rain with a tremendous force, the wind came at once and the windows were smashed hard while some trees crashed into the walls of the houses.

Angela Dusilas Cuevas remembers the thunder and water entering the back of her house and flowing onto the roof.

The house was completely destroyedThe rooms were a mess, water went into our son’s room and entered the room we were sleeping in, We had to go out and lie on the chairs because a lot of water fell(…) So here is the sign of the last time it rained when the water came to us the first time. The problem we have now is that we wait when it rains again“, He said.

Two hours of rain was more than enough to cause the damage that is still visible, The cleaning work was not enough because the streets are still full of stonesHouses covered in rubble, destroyed cars and the remains of what were previously homes.

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Fermín Flores does his best to give him back what cost him so many years to get, but his resignation is evident on his face, he knows this place is no longer safe.

“As you see , The street was completely destroyed, the truth was strong, under a lot of water and many stones, a land Then the truth Yes, you scared us“, pointed out.

What now State authorities talk about resettlement Among these and many other families in Santa Rosalia, there are those who know it is best to move around while others like Donna Angela prefer not to leave the place where they made their lives.

I am 68 years old and live in this houseI’ve been here for many years since my kids were born, yeah, we’ve gone through the alternatives but no more than that and that’s it, The house was destroyed but nothing happened to us thanks to God‘, highlighted.

Walking in this area has become difficult due to the rocks and hills that are everywhere, Especially in the part where the heavy machinery for cleaning the streets did not enter, where the houses made of wood and panels were completely demolished.

Now everyone knows that Canada neighborhood although it is a beautiful place surrounded by huge hills That with a little rain was painted green, but this It’s actually a dangerous place to live.

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