Canada – Spain on July 31

At the Olympics, Canada is facing a match that only needs to be won in its third match. If Canada wants to qualify from the group stage, they will have to defeat Spain, the silver medalists in 2016. Canada, Spain and Serbia will put it 2-1, and the points differential will take effect. Given that Canada beat Korea by a large margin, it will definitely be an advantage for Canada. So there is a lot of hope that this talented Canadian team will win the medal, but it has to be (second) the best.

Canada has many of the best elements to beat Spain. They should definitely shoot better, especially the Kia Nurse, who gave up her attack. She was an excellent advocate, so she didn’t produce. But Spain is a good team, the nurse should be better.

Canada should get the ball back just like crazy. Spain tries in the attacking cup, that Asto Endor is one of the best counters in the women’s team. Ji Su Park leveled WNBA 4th center offensive counts for Korea against Canada, and couldn’t let Ndour create too much of a mess. She plays in Chicago Sky, so adults in Canada may not know her game. Natalie Azonova will start with her, and since she recently returned to playing healthily from a knee injury, Achonova will need less help.

It could be done for Canada, but they still have to play better than Tokyo. If Canada can shoot well, recover well and control the tempo of the match, it should be fine. Until then, Spain will struggle to grab the top spot. This is life against one of the best in the world.

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Tip: Saturday, July 31 at 9 p.m. ET | Television: CBC

Fei: Kia Nurse, Shayna Billington

General Secretary: Shay Kohli, Kim Couture, Nera Fields

SF: Bridget Carlton, Miranda Aim y Raincock-on

PF: Kyla Alexander, Alia Edwards

C: Natalie Ashunfa, Latsia Amher

Fiji: Christina Ovina

Secretary General: Lea Palau, Silvia Dominguez, Leonor Rodriguez

SF: Alpha Torrance, Guarald Casas, Maria Conte

PF: Laura Gill, Rahul Carrera, Tamara Applede

A: Asto Intour

Canada is a little late, +2.5. Up / down 139.5.

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