Canada should act with greater wisdom, not censorship: Eduardo Ramirez

Mexico City, February 1, 2021. – As the person in charge of foreign policy, the Senate of the Republic must take a stand in defense of the nation, as this can become complicated, especially for tourism, said the chairman of the board of directors, Eduardo Ramirez Aguilar.

In a call to the Canadian government to act with every measure and wisdom on the issue of suspending flights from that country to Mexico, Senator de Morena lamented that due to the pandemic, many jobs were lost and economic resources in the tourism branch were seized.

For this reason, as head of the governing body of the Mexican Senate, he believed that the Canadian government should act with greater restraint, common sense and not with oversight.

“It is not advisable to place these types of obstacles on a country that has always worked with them in the commercial aspect and cooperation. These are moments of international solidarity in the face of this emergency,” warned the Morinista.

Ramirez Aguilar considered that this obstacle could distract the positions between the two countries and harm diplomatic and commercial relations.

He reiterated that there can be no international restrictions, but rather security when entering Mexican territory and compliance with health measures and recommendations that are taken around the world, which are measures adopted by Mexico.

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