Canada Seafood Company Employs 27 Tamaulipas Workers

the number of Tamaulipas they get profession outside Mexico in recent weeks, Employing 27 workers for Aquaculture activities in the area Quebecin Canadaafter entering the ranks of A Business commissioned in Seafood processing. confirmed the Minister of Labour.

These employees are from municipalities MatamorosAnd the Tampico s AltamiraThey will provide their services for a maximum period of 9 months in the country North Amarica. With the above, the total number of citizens to date in the entity that is also placed in United State and in Germanyexceed 450, announced National Employment Service (SNE).

The Al Nahda Company Dedicated to the processing of crustaceans and mollusks. By contacting the Federal Labor Offices the offer was made in the first half of the year and they were from the aforementioned municipalities, through Labor Mobility Mechanism ProgramThey have met the requirements, and some continue for at least four months, head of state Miguel Angel Villarreal Ungay said.

“An environment has been created to support and improve the social and economic well-being of people and their families”It is to explain.

They go abroad

According to state authorities, it is calculated 452 people who – which Temporarily transferred to other countries and fill vacancies Chefs, welders, upholsterers, truck drivers, line operators, mechanical engineering or nursing.

In the case of the nursing vacancy, two workers from Nuevo Laredo, two workers from Tampico and one worker from Ciudad Victoria were recently selected and are in the process of approving a German language course and will join the seven already working in the German nation in Central Europe.

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Within the labor mobility, 12 Tamaulipas from San Carlos, El Mante, Reynosa, Jaumavi, Tula and San Fernando are expected to be rehired in September to work in the tomato harvester in Naples, Florida, United States.

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