Canada plans to acquire up to 12 conventional submarines to renew its fleet

Washington, July 11 (EFE) – Canada announced on the sidelines of the NATO summit in Washington that it will renew its submarine fleet by acquiring up to 12 conventional propulsion units and the ability to sail under the Arctic ice.

The announcement comes amid criticism Canada has received from other NATO partners over defence budget cuts.

In 2022, Canada allocated 1.32 percent of its GDP to military spending, well below the 2 percent target set by NATO. Twenty-three of the alliance’s 32 member states met that target.

The Canadian government has indicated that it wants to reach 1.76% by the end of this decade.

Canada, which has an extensive coastline on three oceans (Atlantic, Pacific and Arctic), currently has only four submarines, all of which are Victoria class submarines purchased second-hand from the United Kingdom at the end of the 20th century.

But currently only one of the four ships, HMCS Windsor, is operational. The other three are being upgraded to extend their service lives.

Canada, which has not set a budget for its submarine fleet renewal program, will begin the formal process of purchasing the units later this year.

Canada's NATO allies Germany and Norway have offered the North American country to join a joint submarine development program that should start producing ships in 2026, Canadian media reported on Thursday.


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