Canada orders a new investigation into alleged foreign election interference

Canada’s President, Justin Trudeau, on Monday ordered another investigation into alleged foreign interference in the election, announcing measures such as the appointment of an independent special rapporteur.

“As a government, our job is to protect our institutions and all those who call Canada home. Today we are taking further steps to protect our democratic institutions, preserve their integrity, and maintain and strengthen confidence in our democracy. We will always take these very dangerous outside attempts to undermine our democracy.”

Trudeau indicated that this position will provide expert recommendations on protecting and promoting democracy in the country, in order to identify loopholes that “may remain in the monitoring and protection” of the democratic system.

“Any attack or attempted attack on our democracy is unacceptable. So make no mistake: When it comes to defending our national security, we will always stand firm and continue to strengthen our institutions and defend their integrity,” the president said. .

The Government of Canada has stressed that “the preservation and strengthening of ‘democracy’ requires continuous work”, which is “beyond any politician and any government because the institutions we create must outlast any of us”.

The Canadian president accused the Chinese government in November of “aggressive interference” in Canadian electoral processes through “games” and given the possibility that Ottawa would be a target of this kind of interference in Beijing.

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