Canada is looking for immigrants to reduce the employment gap

But this is a global phenomenon that has occurred due to the digital acceleration. A “Talent Shortage” study by recruitment firm Manpower Group revealed that 64% of employers in Mexico cannot find the talent they need when they need it, and worldwide the percentage is 67%.

Another factor that fuels the job gap is that talent does not live in areas where there are job vacancies. And the third reason is that Canada is “getting old”, the number of retirees is growing Many children, but they leave their sites blank. This positions Canada as an alternative to working and putting down roots, although to achieve this you have to consider the challenges, not just the benefits.

Living as an immigrant in an English speaking country

Emma Campo, Business Development Director for Latin America at Pearson Education, believes that the main barriers an immigrant faces in Canadian territory are climate and adaptation to culture, but above all language.

For a Mexican who wants to get to this country, this is no exception. In Education First’s English Language Proficiency Index, Mexico ranks second to last in Latin America, despite the fact that people at advanced levels can earn up to 20% more salaries. The average level of the Mexican population is basic.

The advantage to Canada, Campeau says, is that they are making immigration rules more flexible because they understand they need to attract talent, and they are even giving permission for people with an A2 level of English with the potential to improve their chances. Also, Mexicans who go to Canada do so in a more structured way compared to the United States.

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“There may be more than 11 million Mexicans in the United States, but not necessarily all of them are regulated,” he states. “When you want to immigrate to a first world country like Canada, you want to do it in the best possible conditions and that allows you to have a better lifestyle and growth.”

Pearson was recently appointed by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to launch the PTE Basic Language Test as an English language proficiency test for citizenship or permanent residence in Canada.

It is a test designed for everyday life, less academic and meets IRCC requirements. Campo details that the test will be available from September this year.

Another advantage is that Mexicans no longer need a visa to enter as tourists, but an invitation letter. There is the option to immigrate as a higher level student, although the interested person must have $12,000 CAD (162,480 pesos) in a bank account, and an additional $4,000 for each additional person (54,160 pesos), as it is a guarantee that they can afford at least the year. The first of the study.

You can also immigrate as a worker. Both options with a special permit and the possibility of obtaining permanent residence. Either way is possible. As a student, if you have the economic conditions, the visa process goes very quickly. As an employee, there are very specific regions with a large number of vacancies. If it’s another English-speaking country, the best way to get there is education. Today “The conditions in Canada represent an opportunity for Mexico and you don’t necessarily have to access it by studying,” he says.

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