Canada investigates swastikas on election poster

It is being investigated after a campaign poster for a candidate for a councilman from Hamilton, Ontario, been sabotaged.

Apparently, the poster directed at Walter Forlan appeared on Thursday with a painted swastika On Forlan’s forehead and mustache to make him look like Hitler. This is the second hate-related incident reported during the election cycle, according to local media.

The vandalism comes after another black Hamilton candidate earlier this month placed an “eggs first” poster on a billboard. This vandalism appears to be related to a propaganda campaign before white supremacy more spacious.

The Nazi swastika badge is on display at the German Museum of History, Berlin, Germany (credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Canadian Jews are under attack

Canadian Jews still religious minority Most targeted for hate crimes, and second in general, according to Statistics Canada.

Statistics Canada released data in August showing hate crimes overall in 2021 targeting religious groups rose 67% from 2020, breaking a three-year decline. Incidents targeting the Jewish community have increased by a massive 47% since then, and cumulatively 59% in the past two years. This shows that about four people out of every 3,000 members of the Jewish community in Canada reported experiencing a hate crime in 2021.

There are approximately 380,000 Jews in Canada.who represent barely 1% of the population, yet are members of the Jewish community They were victims of 14% of all hate crimes reported in 2021.

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