Canada investigates protests against COVID measures

Ottawa (AFP) – The Canadian government on Monday called for an independent public inquiry into its decision to declare a national emergency to deal with a wave of road closures by truck drivers who have opposed measures to combat the coronavirus pandemic.

During the protests, important roads in Ottawa and even the border points with the United States were closed, causing millions of dollars in losses to the commercial sector.

Some US politicians and commentators have supported the protests, including former President Donald Trump, Republican Senator Ted Cruz, Fox News presenters and billionaire Elon Musk.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government used emergency law for the first time in Canadian history on February 15, giving law enforcement the power to clear roads and banks to freeze officials’ accounts.

Trudeau said the government created a Public Order Emergency Committee to assess the circumstances that led to the emergency declaration.

The Prime Minister’s Office indicated that the commission would investigate the development of the convoy, the economic impact and disinformation, as well as the actions of law enforcement agencies before and after the emergency was declared.

Judge Paul S. Rollo of the Ontario Court of Appeals serves as committee chair. The final report must be submitted in both English and French to the Federal Government on February 20 of the following year.

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