Canada: Indigenous communities support the Giant Laurentia Project in Quebec Port

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The The nation of Huron and Dend, Which brings together many Canadian indigenous communities, has lent its support to the Laurentia Container Terminal project promotingPort Authority of Quebec (APQ).

In recent years, expert teams from both organizations have worked together to assess impacts and benefits Laurentia to The nation of Huron and Dend, In particular, to ensure that Indigenous organization knowledge is integrated into activities APQ.

Technicians Huron Windat They participated in some biological work that was carried out as part of the project’s environmental assessment.

“Respect for the environment and biological diversity is essential. We are proud that the nation affirmed our efforts in this direction.” Mario Girard, President and CEO of the Quebec Port Authority.

“For us it was absolutely essential that we take the time to analyze the project Laurentia From all angles before we repeat or not repeat our support for the project. Today we are proud to support our longtime partner, Quebec port, For this project that respects the environment and that will benefit our business. ” Remy Vincent, Grand President of the Nation of Huron and Lind.

Laurentia It involves a joint investment of $ 775 million Hutchison Ports, CN And the Quebec port, To have the most environmentally friendly deep water container terminal in North America, which will be operational by 2024.

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