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Interest in traveling to Canada For tourism, study, work and stability is on the rise. One of the doubts that arise when considering projects of this type is related to the cost of living and the standard of wages.

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A good way to estimate potential income and expenses for a final trip is from Minimum salary in which to accumulate Canada.

It is worth saying first that this basic salary differs from one province to another, because the cost of living between them is different.

With this in mind, the Vivir Canada portal provides the following list of salaries for each one, taking into account what is being paid per hour worked and annual entitlement.

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It is important to keep in mind that one Canadian dollar (or CAD) today is equivalent to 3072.96 Colombian pesos; The table calculates the earned weekly wage (40 working hours) and the accumulated annual wage (50 working weeks).

As of July 2020, this was the total minimum wage, excluding federal and provincial taxes, in Canadian dollars (CAD):

Conservative hourly annual wage
Alberta 15 30,000,000
British Columbia 14.60 29200
Prince Edward Island 12.85 25700
Manitoba 11,35 22,700,000
Newfoundland and Labrador 11,65 23,300
New Brunswick 11.70 23400
Nova Scotia 12.55 25100
Nunavut 13 26.000
Ontario 14 28.000
Quebec 13,10 26,200
Saskatchewan 11.06 22.120.23
Northwest Territories 13.46 26920
Yukon 13,71 27,420.00

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