Canada, focused on pre-Olympic history making in Guadalajara

Canada It has the distinction of being a strong center of CONCACAF women’s football, but has not been able to achieve the same successes in the men’s branch, including Failure to qualify for the Olympic Games. However, the Mentality Who introduces the Maple Leaf state to the pre-Olympic CONCACAF, wants to complicate matters for Mexico and the United States.

Considering that they only 2 tickets delivered to Tokyo 2020, Canada coach, Mauro Bello indicated that his team is enthusiastic In making history in the Jalisco lands and being the first Canadian men’s team to qualify for the Olympic Games.

“It’s all about history. The legacy that we left behind that was passed on to this group, The chance they have here, the Olympians will have a once in a lifetime chanceIt is more than just an event, an experience that changes you; I told the group that as a team and as a country, we have a chance and It’s about making history because no other youth team has done it, qualifying for the Olympics. For me that is the goal, but we have work to do, and we have to keep growing and improving. ”

They don’t trust Haiti’s hardships though

The next game for the Canadians is against the waning national team of Haiti, a Caribbean team that reached the pre-Olympiad stage with many difficulties, since then in its first match against Honduras, The duel started with one footballer less.

However, the Canadian coach is not sure what would be a simple match in which, if they win, they will advance to the semi-finals, after They defeated El Salvador in their first match.

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“He is clearly a different opponent making different threats, different from El Salvador. We saw that the Haitian national team faced some difficulties with their team in the first match And so we couldn’t get a good idea of ​​what this team really is; We already saw them in the second quarter with a completely different game.

“We are waiting for the team that will fight because The championship for them is at stake, so we have to tie the strength with which they will playMentally prepared to play against a winning-winning team.

Canada’s rising star Tajon Buchanan

From his attacker side Tagon Buchanan, Who was sent in the first match against the Salvadorans with A. doubletTake it easy, and in the face of the pre-Olympiad questions, it’s a good show for them to see. Europe, Focuses on making history for Canada.

“right Now I’m focusing on Canada’s qualification for the Olympics And when this tournament ends, I return to New England (his team) for my first match in the tournament; I am not focusing on that (going to Europe), this is what the agents are seeking. Now I am focusing on Haiti and trying to win on Monday. ”

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