Canada does not intend to open up to international travel or to its neighbor the United States.

Canada has no plans to reopen its border with the United States for leisure travel. Reality, Do not think, for the time being, about reopening the doors to international travel. “I can tell you this is not going to happen for now,” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau admitted this week, according to Reuters. Canadian government Continues to discourage non-essential travel outside its borders. Canada keeps its land border with the United States closed Since March 2020.

“We must continue to ensure the safety of Canadians,” he added, noting the importance of ensuring that quarantines and restrictions imposed over the past year “served a purpose.”

The border between Canada and the United States is closed at this time for non-essential travel and will be closed at least until July 21. However, Most likely on that day nothing will change and the situation will extend beyond thatThis is what the Canadian sector fears from seeing the position of its government and the lack of plans or intentions to resume international travel.

Since July 5, Canadian citizens and permanent residents who have been vaccinated with two doses of Covid-19 can Avoid 14-day quarantine when entering the country. Air travelers will not have to spend their first three days in the country locked up in a government approved hotel.

The next step on the path to this timid and slow opening will be to identify measures that can be applied to fully immunized international travelers. “We’ll have more to say in the coming weeks,” Trudeau said.

Be that as it may, its neighbors on the border are in no hurry to reopen the border with Canada, as we have shown in the United States, it keeps its borders closed to Europeans and is not under pressure.

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