Canada crush Trinidad and Tobago at Pan American Stadium

Canada crush Trinidad 4-0 and there are a bunch of goals at the Pan American Stadium.

Buoyed by their strong results last day, the hosts are expecting more of the same after celebrating the win earlier. For its part, the visit came in need of a victory after its defeat in its last match.

Canada defeated El Salvador 4-0 in their previous meeting.

Trinidad and Tobago lost to Saint Kitts and Nevis 2-7.

Tatiana Guzman-Algera was the referee for the match at the Pan American Stadium.

Possible formation of Canada today

The team led by Cindy Tay puts his game in a 3-4-3 formation with Anna Karpenko in goal; Annika Leslie, Jed Rose and Vivien Bisset in defence; Lou Tse, Vanessa Frerelei, Simi Oujo and Florian Gorde in the middle; Serita Thorton, Kyra Millenhurst and Holly Ward are in the lead.

Trinidad and Tobago likely to form today

For their part, those led by Jason Spence are standing on the court with a 4-5-1 strategy with Akila Walcott under the three sticks; Ashant Wilson Campbell, Latifa Pascal, Chrissy Mitchell, Monessa Mejias in defence; Sarah de Janis, Derisha Bristol, Marley Walker, Maria Francis Serrant and Darian Henry on the half-court; And Chorrilla Mendes in the foreground.

Note and image source: DataFactory

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