Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom join the United States – Sports Center

After the United Kingdom, Canada yesterday joined the United States and Australia in the “diplomatic boycott” of the Olympics. Beijing 2022, in a new setback for China, criticized human rights violations.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau declared, “We are deeply concerned about the Chinese government’s violations of human rights,” announcing his country’s joining the boycott. The measure will not prevent athletes from participating in the Games, which begin on February 4, but it will prevent government representatives from traveling to China.

The US announced the boycott on Monday, with support from Australia and the UK yesterday. “It’s important to be a partner when you have an anti-China approach,” Trudeau stressed.

A short time ago, the United Kingdom joined the measure. Prime Minister Boris Johnson confirmed that “there will indeed be a diplomatic boycott”, but that British athletes will leave, because the country “does not support a sports boycott”.

The Australian government joined two days after Washington alleged a series of disputes between it and Beijing and the human rights situation. Australia, like the UK, is seeking legislation against foreign influence to veto Huawei on 5G contracts and has asked for an investigation into the origin of the pandemic. France Press agency

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