Canada arrests Chinese man for spying for power company

Canadian authorities have arrested a Chinese scientist and an employee of electricity company Hydro-Quebec, one of the most important, if not the most important, that supplies energy to the American Atlantic coast, has been arrested as a suspected Chinese spy.

Chinese citizen Yusheng Wang, 35, is accused of fraud to obtain trade secrets and other crimes against national security. The Canadian company said in a statement that Wang’s work focused on battery materials.

“I had no access to information related to Hydro-Quebec’s core mission,” added the company, which notified the Mounted Police in August of this year of its employee’s alleged criminal activities. For its part, the police mounted He noted that Wang published academic articles in scientific journals without permission from Hydro-Quebec, which he has worked for since 2016.

The announcement of Wang’s arrest comes as Canada intensified its condemnation of China’s “meddling” in the country. Jolie made it clear in her speech that in December Canada will release an action plan in Asia that includes more violent towards China.

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