Canada alert for a new neurological disease …

Canada This Wednesday I mentioned the death of a sixth person as a result of a A mysterious neurological disease That also affects 44 other people in the east of the country and their presence was only reported in last March.

The first case of the disease dates back to 2015, although it was not identified until this year. Six years ago, the country’s health authorities revealed a group of patients with neurological syndrome in the eastern province of New Brunswick.

However, the presence of the disease was not announced until March 17, 2021 in a report by health authorities in New Brunswick that was leaked to the media.

Symptoms of the disease include, but are not limited to, muscle spasms, memory loss, atrophy, vision problems, and the rapid development of dementia. Medical authorities have ruled out that the mysterious disease is related to prions, which are distorted proteins that cause neurodegenerative diseases such as Creutzfeldt-Jakob, and which in cattle lead to the so-called mad cow disease.

Although researchers have not identified the cause of the disease, Public Health Canada indicated in March that it could be an entirely new disease caused by some type of exposure to a toxin in the environment.

For now, the Canadian authorities have provided little information about the victims, although they have done so She indicated that the disease affects people of all ages, According to CBC.

The geographic distribution has also not been determined, although the information published so far focuses on the cases detected in the Acadian Peninsula, an area on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, and north of Moncton, the largest city in New Brunswick.

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Yvonne Godin, mayor of a small town in the Acadian Peninsula, told CBC that the lack of public information is causing concern and that we “need to know the cause of this disease as quickly as possible”.

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